Downsizing Advice – Part 1

As movers, we are first hand witness to peoples struggles with downsizing. The following list provides some guidance to help you with your downsizing efforts:
– You will need to sort the items you want to keep and those you don’t.
– Items you want to keep need to be packed and readied for your eventual move out
– Items you don’t need need to sorted again to identify those that still have life left in them and those that don’t
– Items with no useful life in them need to be sorted into recyclable items and trash. Recyclable items are taken to bottle depot or in some cases a scrap metal collector will collect for free. Trash is taken to the dump, no way to avoid that.
– This leaves you with the items that you don’t intend in keeping but still have some useful life. You will then need to decide how much more effort you want to put into selling them. The more effort, more money you make. If you don’t want to put a whole lot of time and effort and your items are of value, it may be useful to contact an auctioneer (maxsold). Other avenues for selling items are craigslist and marketplace. If you prefer to donate, there are numerous charities that will be willing to come and pickup items of value.