Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you wrap furniture?1

    All furniture pieces are shrink wrapped and then blanketed inside the moving to protect from scratches or damage

  • What are the first items moved?1

    Depending on size of move and the type of move, we generally prefer to move boxes and smaller items first and then the larger items. This is especially useful when downsizing as this allows the placement of big furniture pieces before the place become crowded with boxes amd smaller items.

  • Can you move propane?1

    We cannot move flammables which include propane, gasoline, paint, thinner, nail polish to name a few.

  • Can you move my safe?1

    We can move empty safes up to 200lbs. Contact our office if your safe is heavier than that and they will tell you if we can move it.

  • How do you ensure my floor is protected?1

    All our trucks are stocked with neoprene floor runners to be placed over floors to be used by movers.

  • How can I speed the move?1

    Be better prepared. Plan ahead for the movers, ensure there is parking for the moving truck, elevators (if applicable) are locked, boxes sealed, pets and children put of the way. If you live in a house or a townhouse, having your boxes in the garage will save plenty of time too.

  • Can you move my piano?1

    No. We can recommend good piano movers

  • Can you hold my goods overnight in your truck?1

    Yes, a fee may apply

  • Can I make a stop in the way?1


  • Do you have a storage facility?1

    No, but we can recommend the best storage facility in your area.

  • What is travel time?1

    Travel time covers the time and fuel expenses incurred in getting to the job site and from job back to the yard.

  • When does the clock start?1

    Time starts when movers arrive on site

  • When does the clock stop?1

    Time stops when movers move last pieces in and closing walkthrough is completed

  • Do I have to pay GST if I pay cash?1

    Yes, GST is payable on all forms of payment

  • How can I pay for my move?1

    We accept cash, debit, etransfer and major credit cards.

  • When do I need to pay for my move?1

    Payment for your move is due upon job completion.

  • How long will my move take?1

    Not one move is like the other. However, we have a table that provides an idea of time expected based on the number of bedrooms moved, pls refer our services tab.

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